The scientific sessions of the 5th International Symposium on Cancer Metastasis and the Lymphovascular System: Basis for Rational Therapy and the 8th International Sentinel Node Society Meeting, Monday, May 27 through Wednesday, May 29, 2013, features combined meetings of the members of the International Sentinel Node Society and the Sentinel Node Oncology Foundations. The meeting will be combined on the last day of the conference. The overall meeting format features topical sessions, each comprised of 2 to 4 presentations and followed by a formal thought-leader discussant reaction and a Q&A segment moderated by the session Chair(s), who will also summarize the content of their session. Each session will have a thematic topic related to cancer metastasis and the use of biomarkers in oncology for the management of cancer patients.

Each breakfast symposium and luncheon will focus on the most significant cancers or oncology topics related to late breaking results from clinical trials in cancer therapy.

The formal topical sessions will be highlighted by 3 distinguished lectures, delivered by leading experts in the areas being covered in the topical sessions, followed by a discussant reaction and a Q&A segment.

In addition, there will be an ongoing exhibition of posters submitted by attendees, Young Investigators, and Trainees. Poster submissions will be judged by the Organizing Committee and a Young Investigator and Trainee Task Force, which will honor the 6 best posters during a Wine and Cheese Reception. Winning authors of posters will be asked to deliver brief (5-minute) presentations about their posters at this time. Four best abstracts will be selected from the General Audience for proffered abstract presentations with 10 minutes of oral slide presentation followed by 5 minutes of questions. On the second day, there will be a President’s Dinner for all attendees.

During the closing session, Drs. Giuliano and Leong will deliver a summary of the status of and future perspectives on the study and management of cancer metastasis as presented during the Congress, address any unanswered questions, and pose others for future consideration. New questions may form the hypotheses for further studies through research and clinical trials, and ultimately constitute the educational gaps to be addressed in the next meeting of each of the societies.